The aftermath horrors of Halloween dance parties on the Wood Floors in your Los Angeles home, office, studio or gym!



So the Halloween party you’ve been waiting for since Easter is almost here, and you’ve started preparations for it. Only thing is, your hardwood floor can’t stand another major party, with all of the mess it comes with. What do you do? Call Century Custom Hardwood Floors, of course! We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks (and treats!) to help your minimize the wood floor damage your Monster Bash can do to your hardwood. Planning on having lots of Ghoulish Guests with Not-So-Happy Feet?


halloween horrors on hardwood floors

If you have lots of invited people over for your Halloween dance party, there are several ways to protect your floor from all the foot traffic and werewolf claws. First, make sure you place area rugs and mats on the major entryways, doorways, and hallways. That way when your guests make their way through your house, your floor won’t be scratched as much. For even more fun, try to use mats and rugs that are Halloween-themed! If you’re just expecting to have a small get-together, then consider blocking off certain areas of the house and restricting the part to just one or two rooms. A fun, Halloween-themed way to do this is to put cobwebs or yellow “CAUTION!” over the door and pretend there’s an evil spirit inside. This way your guests will willingly go along with it and you can reduce the foot traffic.


Planning to bob for apples and dance with vamps?

Make sure to have movement-intensive party activities, like dancing and games, outside. The less jumping and moving on your hardwood floor, the less wear and tear it will have. Certain games, like bobbing for apples, should always be done outside. This game in particular is one that spills lots of water on your floor, and you wouldn’t want that. Even minor liquid spills can cause major water damage problems if proper action isn’t taken immediately. Dances, if they have to be done inside, should be restricted to one room, the room with carper or the most rugs and mats. Don’t let mold and harmful germs grow underneath your wood floors – Take preventive care now!


Going to watch Fright Films?
When you watch your scary movies, and everyone is munching on some candied apples or popcorn, keep these suggestions in mind. First, always make sure everyone is eating off a plate, and not just their hands. Make sure they have napkins as well, and try to give them beverages that come out of a seal-able container, like a bottle. This way they reduce the spilling that could stain your floor, and you’ll have less mess and dishes to worry about. Place a table near everyone who is watching the movie and eating, so that they can put their food and waste on it, instead of the floor, where it will be more likely to fall. For best results, watch the movie with all the lights turned off!


Sticky substances like Halloween candy can become a headache when you try to clean it off your beautiful hardwood floors.  Never use any kind of cleaning solution or chemical on your wood floor other than what’s recommended by the manufacturer.  Otherwise, you can let the professional wood floor cleaning & buffing experts at Century handle it!


Contact Century Floors for a Spooky Special!

That’s right, contact us before Halloween, October 31st and receive a Spooky Special of 10% off any quote for hardwood flooring work. We know the value of clients and their time, so call us at (800) 608-6007 today or send us an e-mail to get started on your new installation, refinishing, repair or buffing. Our A+ rating by the BBB isn’t a mask, it’s our accreditation. So choose Century for all of your hardwood flooring needs, we won’t bite!!


Termites, Spills, Mold, Scratch, Household Disasters – OH My!

Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills

Everyone with hardwood floors knows how important it is to care for them in the right way. You must make sure they are installed properly, cleaned correctly, and maintained well and regularly. Unfortunately, there are a few household disasters that can do a lot to ruin your perfect floors. Many of these household disasters are preventable but some of them are extreme and unexpected – reserved only for those of us with the worst luck! Every amount of effort that you put toward keeping your hardwood floor in shape is a minute that you will be grateful for later on. It is better for you to be extra cautious now than it is for you to have to completely replace your floors too soon. If this means creating barriers for your pets or having strict rules for walking on the floor, so be it. You will have beautiful floors and a full wallet.

Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills


Termites eating away at your beautiful hardwood floors? Water-Damage now becoming Mold because of everyday Spills? Call (800) 608-6007 to schedule a Free on-site Estimate with a Project Manager today!


Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Spills, small leaks, and dripping water can leave minor damage to your hardwood floors. Luckily, there are water damage restoration services that can make your floors look as good as new. But there are extreme cases where your floors are going to need a lot more help than that. A burst pipe, major roof leak or, heaven forbid, a flood can cause permanent damage on your hardwood floor (and the rest of your home). Unfortunately, mass amounts of water damage is not reversible and you will need to replace your floor entirely.


Mold in Carpets & Wood Floors

Water isn’t the only threat to your floors. Moisture can cause hardwood floors to rot and warp and even mold. You will need to inspect your floor in order to discover mold buildup.  Luckily, you can remove and refinish an area where mold was on the surface of the boards, but if it is underneath, it will be a much bigger task to handle. For this you will want to ask for professional assistance—especially since certain types of mold can be hazardous to your health.

Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills


Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills

Wood Floor-Eating Termites

Termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles can all live in your hardwood floors and destroy them from the inside out. If you notice your floors are exceptionally squeaky or sagging, give them a gentle tap to see if they sound hollow. If so, there is a good chance that you have some pests to take care of. Once again, you will need to enlist the help of a professional to take care of this problem. In most instances, termites won’t completely destroy your floors. But if you let it go long enough without addressing the issue, you could lose those floors that you love so much.


Annoying little Dents and Scratches

Just one scratch or cut in your floor may irritate you, but it doesn’t mean that it is ruined completely. However, deep scratches and dents can be a harder fix. It is possible to carefully buff and polish them out, but prevention is the best way to keep your floors shiny and dent-free. Watch out for pets with long nails, and high heel shoes that can constantly be moving across your floors, creating more and more damage. Also make sure that your furniture won’t scratch your floors if it is moved around. If you have shelves or loose objects around your floors, secure them to reduce the risk of them toppling over and denting your floors.

Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills


Typical Household Disasters that ruin your Hardwood Floors such as Termites, Water-Damage, Dents & Scratches, Mold & Spills

Damage-causing Acidic Spills on Floors

Even worse than a simple scratch is a full blown stain. Paint spills can be nearly impossible to remove from hardwood floors. Also, acetone (found in nail polish) and pet accidents deeply stain your wood floors and are impossible to remove. Your best solution in these instances is to strategically place your furniture or a rug to cover up the spot. Here are a few more wood floor damage repair Tips.

Don’t worry citizen! The Hardwood Heroes are here to take-on your unexpected Household Disaster!
Whether it’s a deep wood floor-cleaning to completely absolish harmful mold caused by hardwood floor water-damage. A rejuvenating restoration or solid wood floor refinishing with a custom-stain to buff out those annoying little dents and scratches embedded in the hardwood flooring throughout your home. Or simply a brand-spanking new installation of hard wood floors to start off fresh all together. We are your termite, mold, water-damage- and scratch-repair experts! We serve the entire southern California area with a stronghold in areas like Beverly Hills, Venice, West Hollywood, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Bel-Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Pacific Palisades, Woodland Hills, Burbank, Glendale or any other suburb of Los Angeles County – Skip the rest and hire The best! Century Custom Hardwood Floors is A+ rated by the BBB, NWFA certified, licensed, bonded and insured to keep your peace of mind.

Note: Is there an extreme or severely irreparable household disaster occurring throughout your entire home and are seeking help after a disaster? Call the FEMA Disaster Helpline at (800) 621‐FEMA asap!



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