Fresno, CA Homeowner Discovers Zany Life-Size Monopoly Board Game Painted on Hardwood Floors Beneath Carpeting

Last year, while renovating his Fresno, C.A. home; Nyeland Newel was astonished to find a painted life-size Monopoly Board Game on the hardwood floor beneath the carpet which he had been sleeping on top of for nearly 4 years.

The customized or more risqué version of the game board on Newel’s wood flooring replaces the traditional ‘Community Chest’ square with a silhouette of a curvaceous female which adds to the speculation that the version of Monopoly played there wasn’t necessarily ‘above-board’.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Newel wasn’t too fond of it and sadly made him paint over the majority of it but, since they were his ‘favorite squares’ – the girl’s silhouette and wedding-ring were the only pieces spared. Though the news of this has reached far and wide, and has been known for some time, the mystery and wonder of the Monopoly Floor still lives on. There are other floors similar to this one, where homeowners have painted on board games or other logos and insignias for the sheer effect of being awesome like that of video game designer Richard Garriott who built his hilltop estate to fit his real-life gamer fantasies. Sometimes people paint giant versions of popular games, or just have one huge Batman logo in the middle of the room. Whatever the reason for painting the floor, whatever the décor, wood floors look amazing in any room with any design scheme.

These floors are adapted to last decades, and they can last for a hundred years if maintained properly. That’s why that life-size Monopoly Floor lasted so long: because it was a well-maintained wood floor. Of course, if you want a wood floor that’s made to last and will look great with a custom design, call Century Custom Hardwood Floors. We’ve done projects for clients who want quality flooring with a fun twist on the normal floor installation. We can stain the floor to your desired color and even paint on the desired logo of your choice, Batman or otherwise.

Why settle for a boring, uninspired floor when you have the power of imagination at your fingertips, and can have it painted on your floor as an everlasting reminder of your fantastic magnificence? Contact Century Custom Hardwood Floors for all of your wood flooring needs, from a basic wood floor installation to refinishing a worn-out floor and making it look like the Batcave. Call us at (818)764-0300 for a free in-home estimate, or send an e-mail with contact information to so we can get the ball rolling on that awesome new floor of yours!  You won’t regret it….


Fun Fact: In case you’re wondering if this is the world’s largest Monopoly board, it’s not. The honor was awarded to Q.Media Events at the 2011 Doha Trade Fair in Doha, Qatar. The board they created, was an exact replica of the British version of Monopoly and measured 48.4 ft by 48.4 ft. Read more about the World’s Largest Monopoly Board

The Top 10 Reasons to get Wood Flooring


If you, like many other Southern California residents out there, want to make the switch to wood flooring, but are unsure, then let Century Custom Hardwood Floors of Los Angeles guide you to your decision. We’ve listed the Top Ten Reasons to get wood flooring, to help you understand the benefits of hardwood floors. Without further ado, the ten:

  1. Wood Floors last decades, if not a lifetime
    If properly installed (which they will be, if installed by us), wood floors can last several decades with the right maintenance and care. The warranty that comes with these floors is for 25 years, but we’ve worked with reclaimed hardwood floors that are over 100 years old, and they looked great.
  1. Wood Floors are easy to maintain and repair
    If you think wood floors require all sorts of tools and chemicals to maintain, think again. Wood floors are incredibly easy to care for, and they only require a good cleaning with a special cleaning agent every once in a while. Likewise, repairs for wood floors are very easy to do and don’t cost much. Custom hardwood refinishing is our specialty, and it costs less than half of a full installation.
  1. Though not cheap, wood floors are a great investment
    Although the initial investment for wood flooring is somewhat steep, they’re worth it. Wood floors have an ROI (return-on-investment) of 2 or more, meaning that you’ll get back twice what you paid for them if you sell the property they’re installed on. They also won’t devaluate the property if you install them for your pleasure.
  1. We’re experts in all things wood flooring
    With over 25 years in the wood flooring business, we’ve come to know pretty much everything there is to know about this kind of floor. With that in mind, we offer all kinds of services for your wood floors, including, but not limited to: wood floor installation, hardwood refinishing, wood floor repair, buffing and cleaning, color matching or custom staining, and many more.
  1. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
    We have all of the required licenses (as a matter of fact, we have multiple CA-state licenses), bonds and insurance mandated by the State of California to work on projects like these, as well as a certification by the National Wood Floor Association for our expertise in wood flooring. Even our flooring technicians are experts in their own right, each having years of wood flooring experience under their belts.
  1. Most Bang for your Buck
    Having a large network of the top business contacts made up of wholesaler, flooring suppliers and manufacturers such as Old Master Products and Green Glue which allows us to cut out the middleman and reduce costs for raw materials, lowering the overall cost of the project by as much as 35%. It also reduces the time it takes to deliver the materials to the project site.
  1. We offer a wide variety of flooring options
    Our inventory of available hardwoods spans over 40 different species and sub-species, each available in solid, engineered or laminate quality. These are further expanded by the multitude of stains and color choices available. We can even create a custom floor with our custom staining service, which allows clients to customize stains, colors, thickness, species, finish, and the gloss levels of their floor.
  1. Unmatched Client Service
    While certifications and licenses are good to have, knowing how to treat clients is paramount to a successful company. That’s why we keep a high standard of excellence for client service. Our A+ rating by the BBB proves that we know how to take care of our clients and their needs. We even guarantee your satisfaction 100%.
  1. We’re efficient, clean, and safe
    Though schedules and times will vary, it takes about 2-3 weeks to finish a wood floor installation, 2 weeks for a refinishing, and 3 weeks for a wood floor repair. That being said, it’s well within the average time, and we almost always finish early. We also properly handle and dispose of any chemicals we use during a project, meaning you won’t have to worry about any harmful residue or toxic fumes being left on your floor. It’s also a point of pride for us that we’ve never had a major on-site accident in the entire history of Century Floors.
  1. It doesn’t cost anything to get an estimate
    Give us a call now or send us an e-mail to get started on your new wood flooring project. Our office staff would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our services, policies or qualifications. We can also arrange a free, no-obligation in-home estimate at your convenience. This estimate also comes with a complimentary design consultation so you can have an idea of the finished project. Whether you need wood flooring installed in Los Angeles, Hardwood floors refinished in Beverly Hills, or wood floors repaired in Pasadena, call Century Custom Hardwood Floors for all of your wood flooring needs, you won’t regret it.

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