Floor Care Tips

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Some handy tips to take care of your hardwood floor

Wood flooring is one of the dashing and ancient flooring, which you can use for your living space decoration. There are not just various colors available in wood flooring but there are also many species available as well. Some of them include Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Hevea, Iroko, Jatoba, Kempas, Maple, Merbau, American Red Oak, American White Oak, European Oak, and American Walnut etc. The graceful look of a hardwood floor can add warmness and nature to any living space. The natural individuality of wood adds depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors try to copy.

However the frequently maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floor is required. By just spending some time on the maintenance of your hardwood floor you can extend the life of your floor and can give new look. Dirt, dust and sand can damage the finishing of your floor. With the passage of time, it has proved that to ensure the finish of floor people always remove their shoes when entering the house. Place appropriate sized mats or area rugs near the front and back doorways and try to vacuum that area and the rug frequently. By following just simple and easy rules today, you will not have to hassle tomorrow for the repairing and refinishing of your hardwood floor.

Don’t use wet mop ever on your hardwood floor. It may damage finish of your floor. Always use manufacturer recommended cleaner. Many conditioning products are available today offering full strength version, which can be sprayed, either by vaporizer or pump, directly onto your floor, then mopped with a clean dry mop.

Vacuum regularly to avoid the scratches. To remove large piece of sand or stone is vital to keep safe your laminate floor from visible scratches. You can control it just by putting the doormats or foot brushes at every door entrance.

Wipe spills immediately to avoid the dull finishing. Whenever any kind of liquid spilled on your hardwood floor then you should mop the affected area. For strong spots, follow the manufacturer instructions.

Don’t drag heavy furniture or home appliance on your hardwood floor. Always lift them to move from one place to other place and you must place plastic mats under the chairs and other furniture to prevent wear spot on that area

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