Flooring Danger Zone: Your Guide to Reclaimed Hardwood

Haven’t you heard the latest and great craze in the hardwood flooring biz?  The consensus amongst hardwood floors Professionals across America is mutual, custom-tailored Installations of reclaimed hardwoods is on the rise and for a good reason!  Reclaimed hardwood flooring is not simply considered a “Green” choice but it is extremely sustainable in terms of further depleting our environment.  Aside from playing a vital role in preserving nature’s beauty and ensuring an everlasting Mother Earth, reclaimed hardwood is esthetically incomparable to any “new” wood on the market.

Oftentimes reclaimed wood flooring is superior in quality and strength because it most likely comes from old-growth trees opposed to first-generation forests. The earth-friendly wood flooring contains a more natural look and feel that could never be replicated by wood floors manufacturers.  The historical beauty and essence sealed within reclaimed hardwood floors is priceless and desirably unique in today’s market.  In recent years, the Design-world has frowned upon the cutting down of exotic wood types or species and has in-turn become a major no-no, unless it specifically derives from reclaimed lumber. So help save the Earth, preserve hardwood history and reclaim a wood floor today!


Douglas Fir wood reclaimed from a Kentucky Farmhouse built in 1892


The Ultimate Consumers Guide to Reclaimed Hardwoods

What is “Reclaimed Hardwood”? It sounds Used and Cheap!
Well, you got one thing right. Reclaimed hardwood is simply flooring that was installed elsewhere some time ago, and is now recycled into semi-new hardwood flooring. Hey! That makes me think it won’t last long… Ah, but you would be mistaken, good sir/madam. Reclaimed wood flooring has the same durability, and in fact, most of the same physical characteristics of new hardwood floors but one: the look.

What’s so special about the way it looks?
It looks old, distressed, dented and used even. But therein lies the charm: reclaimed or sustainable hardwood flooring has an incredibly unique appearance. It purposely is left looking used and faded, and the result is amazingly, beautiful looking vintage floors. Every grain, stain, and drain in the floor is intact, giving the flooring a character of age; old-fashioned but sophisticated, worn but clean. It’s all the rage now in high-end homes in prestigious neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica, Bel-Air, Brentwood and West Los Angeles, plus not to mention the environmental benefits on our forests.  The unique look of vintage hardwood floors is priceless and highly desirable by today’s trend setting interior designers and upscale real estate agents in the Los Angeles area.

Wait, What Environmental Benefits?
Reclaimed hardwood is recycled, and thus has little negative impact to no impact on the environment. As well as its minimal impact, it requires much less processing, drastically reducing the industrial waste and pollution of producing it. Besides, being green will keep green in your pocket!  Our expert sustainable flooring services in Los Angeles stand out above the rest and have done so for over 25 years.

What do you mean, “Green”?
Just that, Guilt-Free Wood Flooring. While great for the environment, reclaimed wood flooring is also great for your budget. On average, reclaimed wood of any type is dramatically less costly than new wood of the same type; and since it’s as durable as new wood, it’s a win-win situation.

Okay, I’ll Go Green and get Reclaimed Hardwood Floors but What kind, though?
The best answer is, Any. Engineered or solid, unfinished vs prefinished; as long as the manufacturer produces the new, it’ll most likely have a reclaimed version. So if you’re in the mood for a soft-colored white oak, or a demandingly dark walnut, it’s all here and made available to you here at Century Floors by professional Los Angeles flooring contractors who have dealt with sustainable flooring for decades. 

Will it cost me more to Install or Refinish it?
Not at all. Here at Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. of Los Angeles, we treat all wood types (with the exception of bamboo) the same:  solid, engineered,  new or reclaimed, when it comes to customized installations or refinishing of hardwood flooring. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can read more about our other flooring services here!

Great, I’m in! How do I get started?
Give us a call at (800) 608-6007 today! Whether you’re in decadent Beverly Hills, sunny Long Beach, or in beautiful Pasadena, we can accommodate your location and schedule.  We’ll come out to your hardwood floors project and give you a hassle-free estimate and design consultation without costing you a penny. Remember, you get what you pay for – So why skimp out on you and yours?

Skip the Rest and Hire the Best in Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring
Our superior hardwood flooring service in Los Angeles County has diligently served the communities of Southern California for over 25 years and is strictly committed to excellence.  Our prestigious hardwood floor installations and custom refinishing services are carried out by our NWFA –trained technicians and award-winning flooring contractors.  We have an invaluable A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and countless testimonials from extremely satisfied customers.  So rest assured that we’ll get the job done right, the first time – every time!


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