Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?

Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me? Solid Or Engineered?

Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?
Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?

Solid wood flooring
Its one piece of solid wood through and through, no layers and these can be installed into any room above grade.
Engineered Hardwood Floor Type
Using several layers of wood, the top later is obviously what is seen and walked on and the other layers can be of the same species but usually aren’t.  These pieces are usually more affordable and still able to be repaired like any of the other solid brands.


Which Hardwood Floor Type Species Is Right For Me?


Ash or maple- with lighter colors you can expect your rooms to look brighter and larger



Hickory or oak- if you are looking for a warmer tone to your room check these out
Dark Walnut or mahogany- These species generally make a room appear more stately and refined.


Is a factory-finished hardwood floor type or a site-finished floor better for me?

Factory finishes

Hardwood Floor Type Factory finished boards are obviously pre-finished and have a nice look ready to go. They can be placed in simply and cleaned up and ready to go. Of course it has its downfalls like you will have less of a choice in what its stain will look like and you won’t have a choice on the polish that is used to protect it. Factory finishes do tend to have a cheaper price, and are very convenient.


Site finished

Site finished are great for those who seem to label themselves a little bit picky. When the boards are finished on site they will usually be sanded for better absorption of eco-friendly chemicals to strengthen and bond the material. This process causes dust that will need to be cleaned. Along with the strength and bonding process you will be able to choose a stain for a more specific look. After this is completed and dried if you choose to finish the boards you will also have the choice of which form of polish you would like to apply. Same with factory finished, people have their problems with site finished boards. Some things you will hear is that it is usually a 3 day process.


I’m concerned about pets scratching my floors. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

The best advice for pet owners is to make sure your pet’s nails are well groomed. Long nails can take away from the polish and leave your home or business littered in scratches. The next best idea is also to have rugs placed throughout the hardwood areas. Also if your pet is known for digging around or making a mess frequent sweeping and cleaning is also an important step in maintaining your hardwood floors. Having dirt and other gritty substances are known about wearing away any hardwood floor type quicker than usual.


How do I keep my floors looking new?

very similar to protecting your floors from your furry companions, the kind of precautions you take to making sure your hardwood floors stay looking brand new. Having area rugs to protect high traffic areas, using a swifter or some sort of other non abrasive brush to pick up dirt and dust on a regular basis can go a long way.