Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out
Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

While hardwood flooring styles never goes out, it holds plenty of different trends for people ready to install or for those ready for change. Like many things hardwood flooring styles trends come in different sizes, shapes, ages and color and we have put together a quick little guide to what is flying off the shelves this time around.


Wide Planks Hardwood Flooring Styles

With traditional planks being between two and a quarter inches to three inches, these new planks make a big statement when people first step on them. These planks can be up to 7 to 12 inches and each plank can be up to 6 ft and more sometimes, this is excellent for making small rooms look larger or longer. It is a great option for the master bedroom, living rooms and hallways. With bigger cuts it will give the appearance of a seamless look and a much smoother look. With large cuts they can be installed horizontally, vertically, and even the newly popular diagonally. Although traditional thinner planks still hold a strong market the new wider planks continue to rise.


Hardwood Flooring Styles Gray tones

Gray stained floors are a hot new craze in the hardwood flooring universe. Starting off big here in the west coast, interior designers have made huge waves with it in east coast homes and business. Gray tones are the best neutral color to match walls and furniture. The gray coating really brings out the grain and highlights the texture just right to make it an awesome addition to your east or west coast property. Great shades vary from lighter grays to a more charcoal darker color. This is one of the best trend setters this time around .


Darker Colors For Hardwood Flooring Styles

When it comes to bold statements, nothing is like having dark boards to bring a traditional look to your home or business. For people searching for the more modern look, they should look for darker tones of stain and compliment it with a darker wood. Contemporary Ebony stain with Oak, or Royal Mahogany with Cherry Oak. Mix these dark combinations for a more dramatic look.


Lime Washed Boards Style And Beauty

Lime washed or pickling is an old European technique of softening the boards natural color and giving it a “white washed” effect. The original technique involves mixing water with lime juice to give it the lighter look. Now a day a liming wax can be applied to your floors to fad and give the hardwood an aged look. This is a great look for coastal homes using ash or oak. Ranging from rustic to formal this is a great choice for the light colored wood flooring.


Wire Brushed Unique Natural And Classic Look Of Hardwood Flooring Styles

Wire brushed floors are amazing for giving both a natural and classic look. It is just what it sounds like. First off it is a practice that helps makes the flooring look distressed. You would scrape the softer top layer of the hardwood floors, it leaves a vintage and worn look. With wire brushing it makes scratches, scrapes and chips blend in and less likely to show. This process also only exposes the strongest layer of the hardwood showing off its natural grain and texture.


Vintage style Hardwood Floors

Perhaps the strongest new trend is the oldest! Homes from the 1700’s 1800’s and early 1900’s have a very authentic feel when walking onto their hardwood floors. The age of the wood looks so authentic with its knotted pine and wrinkled maple boards, it has a gaining look that feels antique. Prepare to see plenty of hand-scraped or wire brushed floors for the future of hardwood floors because the vintage look is here to stay.