The World’s History of Hardwood Flooring: Why and How Timber Has Always Remained One Step Ahead of the Game!


You’re invited to journey through time & learn about the vast history of hardwood flooring…

Though hardwood floors are arguably the most beautiful looking floors around, humans haven’t always used them. In fact, hardwood flooring only came about (relatively) recently, say about a few hundred years ago. Though scholars have yet to agree on a time period where wood entered use as flooring material, it is generally accepted that Europeans were the first to use timbers as flooring. Whereas the Romans used stone, the Greeks used Marble, and the Arabs used cloth, the Europeans were generally considered savage by the standards set by the Ancient Civilizations.

ancient greek marble flooring
Ancient Greek Marble Flooring

Only until the renaissance were Europeans considered highly cultured, and even then, it took them a while. Evidence of these is early installations of hardwood flooring can be seen with the various castles and palaces where very rough and early attempts at the history of hardwood flooring‘s can be traced.

This was then developed over time as excess was increased in the higher social castes. After the British made their way into the New World, their culture went with them. With it, came the use of rudimentary timber as a substitute for hardwood flooring.

Naturally, this practice developed over time into what we now know as hardwood flooring. In fact, many homes that are hundreds of years old, particularly in New England, have hardwood flooring installed that is just as old. Not only is this a testament to European design and influence, but to the stability and strength of the history of hardwood flooring in general.

Of course, while there are 2 types of hardwood flooring today, those being solid and engineered, only solid was present in earlier times, with engineered wood coming about only in the last few decades.

ancient rome stone flooring
Ancient Rome Stone Flooring

Since solid hardwood was used exclusively in the earliest times, that is why some incredibly old floors still exist today, because solid hardwood flooring lasts much longer and can be refinished more times than engineered hardwood. Today, however, engineered hardwood flooring is much more popular than solid, and it is the global consensus that engineered is used more widely. This is mostly due to distribution and cost factors, as engineered hardwood costs less to manufacture, and consequently, less to obtain. Over the course of the last few decades, great strides have been made in hardwood flooring technology and design. Hardwood floors (engineered) can now be used with heated flooring, they are made water resistant, and they are much more durable. The methods of installation have also changed, with certain pattern manufacture techniques helping reduce installation time and stability.

And, like everything else, the trends and looks have changed drastically in the past 20 years. Now, you can find a look to fit just about any color or design scheme. So knowing the magnificent history of hardwood flooring, why not try them out for yourself? We cater to almost every major city in SoCal, including Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Studio City and Long Beach. Give us a call today or send us an e-mail to get you set up with an appointment with our estimator and get the ball rolling on your new hardwood flooring project. You deserve the best, and we are the best.

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