Complimentary Styles with Luxurious Flooring in Luxe Magazine

Featured heavily in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine (the premier luxury interior design magazine), hardwood floors are considered one of the most, if not the most luxurious flooring options available to discerning clients. Focusing on trendy, sophisticated architectural or home style designs, hardwood flooring is a staple of any good room or home. Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. had the esteemed pleasure of being featured in Luxe‘s 2011 Winter issue for our custom hardwood flooring work at the lavish Bel-Air Estate in collaboration with Dobkin Construction. Whether you prefer a retro Art Deco style, a post-modern Art nouveau or anything in between, be assured that hardwood is luxurious flooring has a place in all of these styles. Even if you fabricate a style of your own based on nothing more than your imagination, wood floors will never go out of style. Constantly shifting trends and fickle clients have little to no effect on the everlasting hardwood floor.

Luxurious Flooring Installations & Custom Refinishing

Soft ambiance-inducing color palettes will most likely want long-grain white oak (which in reality is slightly tan) or a burly light walnut. Paired with an off-white or pearl color will not only accentuate the calm atmosphere but also blend in well with the furnishings in the room, giving the style center stage. Art Nouveau pairs especially well with these types of rooms, as the asymmetrical design of the white oak and walnut hard wood floors add dimension and depth to an otherwise flat room, but not so much as to dizzy the observer. Another viable design direction would be the inclusion of hunter or light green walls with pale bamboo floors, drawing attention to the base elements in the room along with the furnishings, sharing the spotlight with the furniture.

If soft tones are what you’re looking for, then give Century Custom Hardwood Floor a call for all of your luxurious flooring needs. We cater to even the highest caliber of clients, and exceed their expectations. Installation, custom refinishing, buffing or color-matching and staining, rest assured your property will end up more luxurious than ever before. Call the luxurious flooring experts at (800 608-6007 today! We’re the undisputed Hardwood Heroes of Los Angeles and our peerless luxurious flooring work can be found predominantly throughout Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Marina del Rey, Hollywood and Culver City.

About the Stoneridge Residence
This 11,781 square foot extraordinary home is located in the hills of Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. Its renovation started in 1991 when it was covered all in brick and masonry according to the demands of the commercial builder that raised it from the ground. Awarded with the title of Product Showcase House for the Avenues of Art & Design in collaboration with Luxe Magazine, this spectacular project nestles on a special site overlooking the San Fernando Valley and offers, as an element of sensation, an Olympic-sized infinity-edge pool and Barragan inspired water feature.