Preventative measures, Tips and Tricks for dining rooms that have wood floors on Thanksgiving Day

Having lotsa people over for turkey day, but don’t want them to see your mess of a wood floor?

No problem, here at ­­­Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. of Los Angeles, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to use in case of a large, or small, family gathering on this most joyful of days, Thanksgiving. Following these suggestions can not only prevent potential damage to your wood floor, but also make it easier to clean up after the big day. One way or another, there’s always a big mess after holiday dinners, so trust us when we say we can help you avoid that.


The key to a healthy floor is to not have damage period. To start off, we’ll describe some preventative measures you can take to help prevent hardwood flooring damage altogether.

  1. The first recommendation we make is to do a major cleaning of your entire dining room/eating area. If you have hardwood flooring, make sure to use cleaning products that are approved for use on wood floors, as other products can damage your floor and stain them. This major cleaning rids the floor of all contaminants that can scratch your floor from all the movement at dinnertime.
  2. Next, you should place area rugs, or one large rug, under the major foot-traffic areas, like the table, and the doorways and entryways. This helps eliminate the chance that these areas will be damaged by most things.
  3. If there are spills, liquid or solid, clean them up immediately. The longer a spill stays on the floor, the more it can damage it and seep in. The less time it’s on the floor, the smaller the chance that it will stain your wood floor. This is why it’s very important to clean up spills as fast as you can, and remember, use wood-friendly cleaning products.
  4. If some guests are wearing high-heeled shoes, especially stilettos, ask them to remove them before entering the home/dining area. These types of shoes can put so much pressure on a wood floor that it can damage or dent it. If this is too awkward, then make sure to have rugs where your guests will walk.
  5. Finally, if you can’t put down rugs or mats, then at least try to pad the bottom of the table and all the chairs. The chairs will be moved around a lot, and the table will have lots of pressure on it from just the food, so these furniture moving pads will reduce the pressure as well as prevent scratching. Even if you can put down rugs, it’s still a good idea to have these.
Now that we’ve suggested a few things, you can rest assured that your floor will be safe from (most) harm. If you’re looking to get some cleaning done before hand for your wood floors, then give us a call at (800) 608-6007. We’ll be more than happy to clean and buff your hardwood floor to make it shine and prevent damage with a generous coating of protective polyurethane. Or, if you want new floors in time for Thanksgiving with a custom wood floor installation, then contact us right away. Mention our Thanksgiving article for an extra 10% off any work done between now and Turkey Day!