The Pros and Cons of Installing Hardwood Floors in a Kitchen

hardwood floors in a kitchen

Should I install hardwood flooring in a kitchen?

When considering whether to put hardwood anywhere, especially a kitchen, it’s important to ask yourself if you like hardwood floors or just like the way they look. While here at Century Custom Hardwood Floors in Los Angeles we always recommend hardwood floors, it is also important to look at things from an objective standpoint. Like all things, there are good aspects and undesirable aspects to having hardwood floors in a kitchen.

The potential pitfalls of having hardwood floors in a kitchen

The kitchen is a naturally messy place, whether it’s from cooking or simply preparing food. Along with the mess produced by food, lots of spills occur in the kitchen, unintentional or otherwise. This means that lots of water will come into contact with the floor, and water is not good for hardwood floors at all. In fact, repeated exposure to water can make the floors swell, make them uneven, or even make them rot in some cases. Another hazard is that things fall all the time in the kitchen.

Some, like apples or napkins won’t do any damage to your floor. Some, however, will dent your floor or even poke a hole in it, like a watermelon or knife, respectively. The other inherent downside of hardwood flooring is its cost, but this just comes with the territory.  All of these factors are important to keep in mind to decide whether to install hardwood floors in a kitchen.


hardwood floors in a kitchen


Hardwood floors can resist more damage & staining than other conventional flooring types

Now we can get to the good things about having hardwood floors in a kitchen. First of all, the great aesthetic benefits can really make your kitchen look great, a room that is otherwise mostly ignored compared to other rooms. Another great feature is, that despite the fact that the kitchen is a cleaning-intensive place, hardwood floors still resist more damage and staining than other conventional flooring types. The fact that hardwood looks even more beautiful with age is a big plus, because carpet and tile only get worse with age. It’s also a big hassle to clean grout versus cleaning hardwood floors, because the grout can absorb dirt and other contaminants, while hardwood actually repels all types of particles.

Another great feature is that if part of your floor does become damaged, only a small area will need to be replaced. With tile, however, the entire floor will need to be replaced because of its very nature and installation. Of course, even with the estimated pros and cons of a hardwood floor installation like this, the choice ultimately comes down to whether you like the way it looks or not. Most clients that install hardwood in their kitchen do it because they simply like the look better. Some do install it because they feel that the benefits outweigh the negative aspects, but it almost always boils down to aesthetics.

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