The official Hardwood Floor Refinishing Artists of Los Angeles, Brentwood, Pasadena & Beyond! LA’s Master Refinishers!

Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Restoration Services with an honorable A+ Rating from the B.B.B! Century Custom Hardwood Floors houses a team of fully competent technicians that carry a sound experience of over 20 years in the business, so by hiring us, you can be certain in the feeling that the work will live up to your expectations and satisfaction infallibly. After all, we know exactly how to give maximum standards of quality and value to the clients over a minimum budget.

We never accept any project in haste but instead we first thoroughly understand and assess the nitty-gritty of the job to ensure that your new floors will achieve the highest levels of quality. If you’re thinking what would be the ideal way to to add an extra spark in the magnificence of a living room or workplace? Then go for a re-finished hardwood flooring.


hardwood floor before and after gallery of projects in los angeles

Our company is committed to accept and carry out the jobs on residential and commercial basis. As a result of our decades old involvement in the wood flooring business as well as doing practical research and implementation, and therefore we are able to carry out just any job related to hardwood floor including repairing hardwood floors, custom hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing with complete customer satisfaction.

Solid Hardwood Refinishing in Southern California
One of the big advantages of Solid Hardwood flooring is that solid hardwood flooring can be restored and refinished many times over it’s life, recovering the beauty they once had. Restoring and refinishing hardwood floors can make a huge difference in their appearance, revealing a beautiful Hardwood Floor which helps create a valuable home! Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc offers Hardwood Floor refinishing with Free Estimates and Consultations. Call (800) 608-6007 for exceptional hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles.

We will evaluate your residential or commercial space and provide you with an accurate and competitive pricing for your hardwood floor refinishing project. In case of any inquiry or query, our representative team is available here all the time to assist you confidently. Our customer-support service is fully reliable and helpful, so it is certain that all your particular needs and requirements will be resolved efficiently. Call us 24 hrs. a day at (800) 608-6007 to get started!


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