The best Los Angeles Hardwood Floor Repair Services since 1995 including Hardwood Floor Maintenance, Water Damage Restoration, Scratch Removal, Buckling, Loose Slabs & more!

Day in and day out, a large portion of our client base here at Century Custom Hardwood Floor is rooted in one problem: improper care and maintenance of their hardwood flooring. Of course, the Los Angeles hardwood floor repair team at Century Floors is more than happy to repair any damage occurring from this. However, we care more about customer satisfaction than increased project volume, so we’ve compiled a semi-comprehensive overview of various care and maintenance tips as well as precautionary measures any person can take to keep their hardwood floors at optimal condition for a long time to come. Of course there are other wood floor related nuisances such as disheveled subfloors requiring repair work, buckling caused by hardwood floor water damage or even pesky little problems like loose slabs in your wood floors deriving from faulty installations by inferior wood flooring contractors.

Hardwood Heroes Tip: Only use cleaning products that are made exclusively for wood floors.

The easiest way to maintain your floors is to start off the right way. The very first recommendation we have is to exclusively use cleaning products that are approved or made only for hardwood flooring. These cleaning agents and liquid solutions will usually say on the label that they are recommended for use on hardwood floors. Products like these are usually oil-based, but this is not necessarily always the case. One thing to keep in mind on this is to never use water-based or ammonia-based cleaning products on hardwood floors. Substances with this base can and will damage your floors if used even a little bit. This is due to the fact that the inherent basicity of the ammonia molecules acts as a strong reactant to the polyurethane coating of the wood floors, reacting in an unfavorable fashion by eroding the protective coat and leaving behind a residue not unlike dead skin. The same happens with water, only with water the strong polarization drives apart the polyurethane bonding agents and starts to decompose your floors. So to make a long story short, only use approved products.


Hardwood Heroes Tip: Always keep your wood floors clean, daily sweeping is a must!

When considering a wood-floor maintenance and cleaning schedule, regularity is a top priority. Daily sweeping is a must, everywhere. Mopping is recommended at least bi-weekly, and only with the aforementioned cleaners. Not only will this keep your floors looking clean, it also plays a large part in reducing the wear and tear of your wooden floors considerably. By cleaning on a regular basis, contaminants such as dirt and grit- those that damage your floor the most- are removed for the most part and cannot damage your hardwood floors if they’re not there. Wood Floor Buffing (professional-grade cleaning) is also recommended, approximately every four months. The buffing not only shines your wood floors, but it also has the added bonus of repairing light scratching as well as preventing further damage to the floor. Luckily, Century Floors  offers Los Angeles hardwood floor repair services at a great rate. At any rate, constant light cleaning may be preferable to holding off heavy cleaning for the sake of the floor’s condition. Call (800) 608-6007 for Los Angeles hardwood floor repairs!


Hardwood Heroes Tip: Protect high-traffic areas such as entryways & hallways with mats or rugs.

As for preventative measures, there are many, but they all stem from the same root of cover. Cover all high-traffic areas with cross-stitch area rugs or rubber mats; do not use straw. The reason for the not using straw is the possibility of scratching the floor, whereas certain polymers and rubber will not. This use of rugs or mats will lessen or prevent altogether the wear on your floors in certain places, most commonly doorways, entryways, and hallways. Another measure to be taken is to never wear high-heeled shoes (stilettos or otherwise) anywhere there is hardwood flooring. These types of shoes have the ability to dent or even puncture the surface of your hardwood floors, with some disastrous effects. In the same vein as high-heels, pets should not be allowed on these floors either. If they must be allowed on the floor, then regular nail-clipping is strongly advised. All of these steps and measures will ultimately benefit you, perhaps not immediately, but most certainly in the long run.

The Los Angeles hardwood floor repair experts at Century Floors, we would be more than happy to speak with you about the condition of your floors, and suggest any service you can think of, be it wood floor installation, custom hardwood refinishing & staining or even buffing. Give us a call at (800) 608-6007 today, you won’t regret it.

We cater to budget levels of all kinds and service the entire Southern California region with a stronghold on the Westside of Los Angeles in communities like Beverly Hills, Bel-Air,  Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Holmby Hills, Westwood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Century City, Mar Vista, Palms, Palos Verdes, Beverlywood, Cheviot Hills, Fairfax District, Beverly Crest, Beverly Glen and Faircrest Heights just to name a few.  Wherever it may be, we’re the best in Los Angeles hardwood floor repair or maintenance and have an A+ rating from the BBB to vouch for it.  Our NWFA trained flooring technicians will repair your wood floors in no time and make it look as if the problem were never there to begin with.

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