Century-Old Water Main Breaks and Causes Irreparable Water Damage to Hardwood Floors at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion Gym!

Water damages to the UCLA Pauley Pavilion
 – That You Wooden Believe!

Last month, one half of Los Angeles rivaled state colleges stood by as their famed Pauley Pavilion was submerged in over 10 inches of standing water. UCLA was hit with what was estimated at 20 million gallons of water after a major water main broke underneath Sunset Boulevard, and flooded onto the campus which left several of its facilities under water including the famed “Nell and John Wooden Court”. Unfortunately this accident happened only two years after the pristine college underwent a $136 million dollar renovation to its acclaimed Pauley Pavilion. Several students could only stand there with their phones in hand, documenting the event Live onto social media outlets displaying their grief to the world. “This image hurts my soul.”  one student wrote on twitter showing the flooded gymnasium.

Hours after the fact, and the days that followed a street parade of hardwood floor water damage service vans were on site pumping out the water that was now occupying the prestigious gym. UCLA officials stated they wanted to try and save the hardwood floor that Jon Wooden coached on and won 8 of 10 of his championship basketball games. But before the fall basketball season begins, it has already been decided that the floors will be replaced in time for the new Fall season to start in early September.

What UCLA can expect with its water damaged floors

The Pauley Pavilion may have been strong enough to endure the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, Reggie Miller, Ed O’Bannon, Kevin Love and Ann Meyers during their college years but  the strength of mother nature’s finest just proved too much  for the  gymnasium. With the amount of water that occupied the large facility, there was little room for hope to try and save it. After several hours of pumping water and large blowers to dry this tragic scene, the floors will be left warped and un-even when the process is done, leaving a large task ahead. But before the re-installment of hardwood floors there are a couple things that should be checked out immediately. It’s a must to analyze the moisture levels throughout the gymnasium to make sure it’s at a proper level for installation. The next step in the process is removing the top layer of the hardwood floors and then subfloor will have to be thoroughly checked and possibly removed before the installation process can even begin.

There will also be a need to meticulously inspect for mold  when removing the water-damaged hardwood flooring, something that will become apparent only 48 hours after the initial damage. If these crucial steps are looked over, future problems like un-even floors and buckling are imminent. So it’s best to remove the entirety of the floor leaving only the foundation to assure that there is no mold on the subfloor or future instability.

There’s no easy way around the process that UCLA will now be facing. But hopefully with the right professionals on the job, their floors will be safe once again to bring home future championship titles and large crowds of roaring fans. At Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. we would have loved to have our professional technicians sink their teeth into this water damaged catastrophe. All UCLA board members would be able to sleep easy knowing our 26+ years of serving Los Angeles County were there to help out one of our nation’s finest teaching institutions.

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