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The majority of wood floor installations almost always cover the entire property – however, sometimes the homeowners will install the hardwood floors one room or segment at a time, often choosing a different color, type or even species of wood for each segment. Doing various custom wood floor installations over time can and will usually cause a major aesthetic, if not structural, disparity within the property. This is where customized hard wood floor color-matching and staining will help this type of situation.   So whether you’re located in Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena or Newport Beach – no matter the size of the job we’ll get it done & exceed any expectation you may have.

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When undertaking a wood floor color match or a staining procedure, several factors must be considered before the process can begin. Firstly, the viability of color matching or staining must be clear. Is it possible to match one type of floor with all the other flooring? Everything comes into play here: the age of the wood, the colors, the species, the placement, the location, the humidity level, and even the composition of the wood. After all that is ensured to be compatible, the type of hard wood floor color match or stain wanted will have to be custom made. The client will have to select from a possibly small range of compatible stains and colors with these variables in mind.

Of course, even though a certain stain looks a certain way on one floor, it may (and usually will not) look that way on their floor. Only an approximation of the color / stain should be anticipated when the procedure is finished, we aim to please and fully satisfy our clients. We’re here for you every step of the way! When every issue has been taken care of, the wood floor coloring / staining itself is not much more complicated than your average refinishing of solid hardwood floors. Standard procedures and regulations apply: test the floors, sand them down, apply the color-matched stain, seal the color or stain in with polyurethane and professionally clean the wood floors.
Even though this may seem like the odds are against the client, it’s much more complicated on paper than in real life. Here at Custom Century Hardwood Floor, we have always met and exceeded a client’s expectations on any procedure we do, be it a wood floors installation, solid hardwood refinishing, cleaning & buffing or color matching and staining. So if you have hardwood floor water damage that is causing your flooring to be as color-mismatched as a pair of black and white socks, give us a call today.  We can solve any problem pertaining to wood floor color-matching and staining or hardwood floor services, guaranteed! Remember, you get what you pay for. Hardwood Floors are a long term investment, So why skimp out on your floors? Call our professionals today and set up a hassle-free in-home estimate without commitment to sign.

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