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Our industry leading include: Hardwood Floor Installations, Maintenance & Repairs, Refinishes, Color Matching,Custom Staining, Buffing, Base shoes, Water-Damage Restorations, Board Replacements, Mouldings, Pegs and Grooving, Hardwood Stair Services, Sanding, Gym & Dance Floor Services and more on all types of Hardwood including Prefinished, Unfinished, Engineered, Laminates, Solids and Earth-Friendly “Green” Woods
Century Custom Hardwood Floor care for the environment and support its campaign to Go GREEN
Your hardwood floors are an investment, Century Custom Hardwood Floor help you decide on what type of wood, species, color and style that best fits your personality when it comes to your floors at home.

A.1. Engineered Hardwood Floor
  • It has a plywood base
  • Made of a core of hardwood or plywood with a layer of hardwood veneer affixed to the top surface

A.2. Solid Hardwood Floor

  • 100% wood
  • Each board of solid hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of hardwood that’s about 3/4 of an inch thick
A.3. Laminate Floor
  • Thin fiberboard topped with an image of wood or stone, itself topped with a transparent wear layer
B.1. Strip
  • Less than 3″ wide
  • Traditional Wood Floor


B.2. Plank
  • Greater than 3″ wide
  • Casual Look
B.3. Parquet
  • Vary in size
  • Geometric
  • Non-linear Look
  • Simple or Complex Design
C.1. Walnut
  • Dark
C.2. Oak
  • Medium
C.3. Maple
  • Light
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Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?

Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me? Solid Or Engineered?

Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?
Which Hardwood Floor Type Is Right For Me?

Solid wood flooring
Its one piece of solid wood through and through, no layers and these can be installed into any room above grade.
Engineered Hardwood Floor Type
Using several layers of wood, the top later is obviously what is seen and walked on and the other layers can be of the same species but usually aren’t.  These pieces are usually more affordable and still able to be repaired like any of the other solid brands.


Which Hardwood Floor Type Species Is Right For Me?


Ash or maple- with lighter colors you can expect your rooms to look brighter and larger



Hickory or oak- if you are looking for a warmer tone to your room check these out
Dark Walnut or mahogany- These species generally make a room appear more stately and refined.


Is a factory-finished hardwood floor type or a site-finished floor better for me?

Factory finishes

Hardwood Floor Type Factory finished boards are obviously pre-finished and have a nice look ready to go. They can be placed in simply and cleaned up and ready to go. Of course it has its downfalls like you will have less of a choice in what its stain will look like and you won’t have a choice on the polish that is used to protect it. Factory finishes do tend to have a cheaper price, and are very convenient.


Site finished

Site finished are great for those who seem to label themselves a little bit picky. When the boards are finished on site they will usually be sanded for better absorption of eco-friendly chemicals to strengthen and bond the material. This process causes dust that will need to be cleaned. Along with the strength and bonding process you will be able to choose a stain for a more specific look. After this is completed and dried if you choose to finish the boards you will also have the choice of which form of polish you would like to apply. Same with factory finished, people have their problems with site finished boards. Some things you will hear is that it is usually a 3 day process.


I’m concerned about pets scratching my floors. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

The best advice for pet owners is to make sure your pet’s nails are well groomed. Long nails can take away from the polish and leave your home or business littered in scratches. The next best idea is also to have rugs placed throughout the hardwood areas. Also if your pet is known for digging around or making a mess frequent sweeping and cleaning is also an important step in maintaining your hardwood floors. Having dirt and other gritty substances are known about wearing away any hardwood floor type quicker than usual.


How do I keep my floors looking new?

very similar to protecting your floors from your furry companions, the kind of precautions you take to making sure your hardwood floors stay looking brand new. Having area rugs to protect high traffic areas, using a swifter or some sort of other non abrasive brush to pick up dirt and dust on a regular basis can go a long way.

Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out
Hardwood Flooring Styles Never Goes Out

While hardwood flooring styles never goes out, it holds plenty of different trends for people ready to install or for those ready for change. Like many things hardwood flooring styles trends come in different sizes, shapes, ages and color and we have put together a quick little guide to what is flying off the shelves this time around.


Wide Planks Hardwood Flooring Styles

With traditional planks being between two and a quarter inches to three inches, these new planks make a big statement when people first step on them. These planks can be up to 7 to 12 inches and each plank can be up to 6 ft and more sometimes, this is excellent for making small rooms look larger or longer. It is a great option for the master bedroom, living rooms and hallways. With bigger cuts it will give the appearance of a seamless look and a much smoother look. With large cuts they can be installed horizontally, vertically, and even the newly popular diagonally. Although traditional thinner planks still hold a strong market the new wider planks continue to rise.


Hardwood Flooring Styles Gray tones

Gray stained floors are a hot new craze in the hardwood flooring universe. Starting off big here in the west coast, interior designers have made huge waves with it in east coast homes and business. Gray tones are the best neutral color to match walls and furniture. The gray coating really brings out the grain and highlights the texture just right to make it an awesome addition to your east or west coast property. Great shades vary from lighter grays to a more charcoal darker color. This is one of the best trend setters this time around .


Darker Colors For Hardwood Flooring Styles

When it comes to bold statements, nothing is like having dark boards to bring a traditional look to your home or business. For people searching for the more modern look, they should look for darker tones of stain and compliment it with a darker wood. Contemporary Ebony stain with Oak, or Royal Mahogany with Cherry Oak. Mix these dark combinations for a more dramatic look.


Lime Washed Boards Style And Beauty

Lime washed or pickling is an old European technique of softening the boards natural color and giving it a “white washed” effect. The original technique involves mixing water with lime juice to give it the lighter look. Now a day a liming wax can be applied to your floors to fad and give the hardwood an aged look. This is a great look for coastal homes using ash or oak. Ranging from rustic to formal this is a great choice for the light colored wood flooring.


Wire Brushed Unique Natural And Classic Look Of Hardwood Flooring Styles

Wire brushed floors are amazing for giving both a natural and classic look. It is just what it sounds like. First off it is a practice that helps makes the flooring look distressed. You would scrape the softer top layer of the hardwood floors, it leaves a vintage and worn look. With wire brushing it makes scratches, scrapes and chips blend in and less likely to show. This process also only exposes the strongest layer of the hardwood showing off its natural grain and texture.


Vintage style Hardwood Floors

Perhaps the strongest new trend is the oldest! Homes from the 1700’s 1800’s and early 1900’s have a very authentic feel when walking onto their hardwood floors. The age of the wood looks so authentic with its knotted pine and wrinkled maple boards, it has a gaining look that feels antique. Prepare to see plenty of hand-scraped or wire brushed floors for the future of hardwood floors because the vintage look is here to stay.

Century-Old Water Main Breaks and Causes Irreparable Water Damage to Hardwood Floors at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion Gym!

Water damages to the UCLA Pauley Pavilion
 – That You Wooden Believe!

Last month, one half of Los Angeles rivaled state colleges stood by as their famed Pauley Pavilion was submerged in over 10 inches of standing water. UCLA was hit with what was estimated at 20 million gallons of water after a major water main broke underneath Sunset Boulevard, and flooded onto the campus which left several of its facilities under water including the famed “Nell and John Wooden Court”. Unfortunately this accident happened only two years after the pristine college underwent a $136 million dollar renovation to its acclaimed Pauley Pavilion. Several students could only stand there with their phones in hand, documenting the event Live onto social media outlets displaying their grief to the world. “This image hurts my soul.”  one student wrote on twitter showing the flooded gymnasium.

Hours after the fact, and the days that followed a street parade of hardwood floor water damage service vans were on site pumping out the water that was now occupying the prestigious gym. UCLA officials stated they wanted to try and save the hardwood floor that Jon Wooden coached on and won 8 of 10 of his championship basketball games. But before the fall basketball season begins, it has already been decided that the floors will be replaced in time for the new Fall season to start in early September.

What UCLA can expect with its water damaged floors

The Pauley Pavilion may have been strong enough to endure the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, Reggie Miller, Ed O’Bannon, Kevin Love and Ann Meyers during their college years but  the strength of mother nature’s finest just proved too much  for the  gymnasium. With the amount of water that occupied the large facility, there was little room for hope to try and save it. After several hours of pumping water and large blowers to dry this tragic scene, the floors will be left warped and un-even when the process is done, leaving a large task ahead. But before the re-installment of hardwood floors there are a couple things that should be checked out immediately. It’s a must to analyze the moisture levels throughout the gymnasium to make sure it’s at a proper level for installation. The next step in the process is removing the top layer of the hardwood floors and then subfloor will have to be thoroughly checked and possibly removed before the installation process can even begin.

There will also be a need to meticulously inspect for mold  when removing the water-damaged hardwood flooring, something that will become apparent only 48 hours after the initial damage. If these crucial steps are looked over, future problems like un-even floors and buckling are imminent. So it’s best to remove the entirety of the floor leaving only the foundation to assure that there is no mold on the subfloor or future instability.

There’s no easy way around the process that UCLA will now be facing. But hopefully with the right professionals on the job, their floors will be safe once again to bring home future championship titles and large crowds of roaring fans. At Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. we would have loved to have our professional technicians sink their teeth into this water damaged catastrophe. All UCLA board members would be able to sleep easy knowing our 26+ years of serving Los Angeles County were there to help out one of our nation’s finest teaching institutions.

We can help fix the water damage to hardwood floors in your Los Angeles home or office!

If  you can relate to this scary scenario due to your own home or business currently being affected by water damage to hardwood floors, buckling, acidic stains or slab-loosening then you should give the Hardwood Heroes a call! Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our results in these type of natural disasters. To be quite honest, with all of the on-site experience under our belts – there really isn’t anything left to shock us. So if you’re dealing with  damaged hardwood floors in desperate need of a professional-touch up or maybe your hardwood floors were damaged by last month’s water main break, you should give us a call and schedule a free walk-in evaluation of your home or business in the Westwood, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Venice or Marina del Rey area at (800) 608-6007 and let our seasoned flooring experts help you out today.

July 4th – Hardwood Flooring Special Offer for Veterans

On behalf of the entire Century family, we would like to wish all of the brave men & women of the Armed Forces and everyone else a very very Happy Independence Day!

To commemorate this 4th of July, Century Floors is proudly offering

10% OFF Any Service to Veterans and 5% OFF to Non-Veterans!

Have a SAFE and BLESSED holiday weekend 🙂

Fresno, CA Homeowner Discovers Zany Life-Size Monopoly Board Game Painted on Hardwood Floors Beneath Carpeting

Last year, while renovating his Fresno, C.A. home; Nyeland Newel was astonished to find a painted life-size Monopoly Board Game on the hardwood floor beneath the carpet which he had been sleeping on top of for nearly 4 years.

The customized or more risqué version of the game board on Newel’s wood flooring replaces the traditional ‘Community Chest’ square with a silhouette of a curvaceous female which adds to the speculation that the version of Monopoly played there wasn’t necessarily ‘above-board’.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Newel wasn’t too fond of it and sadly made him paint over the majority of it but, since they were his ‘favorite squares’ – the girl’s silhouette and wedding-ring were the only pieces spared. Though the news of this has reached far and wide, and has been known for some time, the mystery and wonder of the Monopoly Floor still lives on. There are other floors similar to this one, where homeowners have painted on board games or other logos and insignias for the sheer effect of being awesome like that of video game designer Richard Garriott who built his hilltop estate to fit his real-life gamer fantasies. Sometimes people paint giant versions of popular games, or just have one huge Batman logo in the middle of the room. Whatever the reason for painting the floor, whatever the décor, wood floors look amazing in any room with any design scheme.

These floors are adapted to last decades, and they can last for a hundred years if maintained properly. That’s why that life-size Monopoly Floor lasted so long: because it was a well-maintained wood floor. Of course, if you want a wood floor that’s made to last and will look great with a custom design, call Century Custom Hardwood Floors. We’ve done projects for clients who want quality flooring with a fun twist on the normal floor installation. We can stain the floor to your desired color and even paint on the desired logo of your choice, Batman or otherwise.

Why settle for a boring, uninspired floor when you have the power of imagination at your fingertips, and can have it painted on your floor as an everlasting reminder of your fantastic magnificence? Contact Century Custom Hardwood Floors for all of your wood flooring needs, from a basic wood floor installation to refinishing a worn-out floor and making it look like the Batcave. Call us at (818)764-0300 for a free in-home estimate, or send an e-mail with contact information to centuryfloor@gmail.com so we can get the ball rolling on that awesome new floor of yours!  You won’t regret it….


Fun Fact: In case you’re wondering if this is the world’s largest Monopoly board, it’s not. The honor was awarded to Q.Media Events at the 2011 Doha Trade Fair in Doha, Qatar. The board they created, was an exact replica of the British version of Monopoly and measured 48.4 ft by 48.4 ft. Read more about the World’s Largest Monopoly Board

The Top 10 Reasons to get Wood Flooring


If you, like many other Southern California residents out there, want to make the switch to wood flooring, but are unsure, then let Century Custom Hardwood Floors of Los Angeles guide you to your decision. We’ve listed the Top Ten Reasons to get wood flooring, to help you understand the benefits of hardwood floors. Without further ado, the ten:

  1. Wood Floors last decades, if not a lifetime
    If properly installed (which they will be, if installed by us), wood floors can last several decades with the right maintenance and care. The warranty that comes with these floors is for 25 years, but we’ve worked with reclaimed hardwood floors that are over 100 years old, and they looked great.
  1. Wood Floors are easy to maintain and repair
    If you think wood floors require all sorts of tools and chemicals to maintain, think again. Wood floors are incredibly easy to care for, and they only require a good cleaning with a special cleaning agent every once in a while. Likewise, repairs for wood floors are very easy to do and don’t cost much. Custom hardwood refinishing is our specialty, and it costs less than half of a full installation.
  1. Though not cheap, wood floors are a great investment
    Although the initial investment for wood flooring is somewhat steep, they’re worth it. Wood floors have an ROI (return-on-investment) of 2 or more, meaning that you’ll get back twice what you paid for them if you sell the property they’re installed on. They also won’t devaluate the property if you install them for your pleasure.
  1. We’re experts in all things wood flooring
    With over 25 years in the wood flooring business, we’ve come to know pretty much everything there is to know about this kind of floor. With that in mind, we offer all kinds of services for your wood floors, including, but not limited to: wood floor installation, hardwood refinishing, wood floor repair, buffing and cleaning, color matching or custom staining, and many more.
  1. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
    We have all of the required licenses (as a matter of fact, we have multiple CA-state licenses), bonds and insurance mandated by the State of California to work on projects like these, as well as a certification by the National Wood Floor Association for our expertise in wood flooring. Even our flooring technicians are experts in their own right, each having years of wood flooring experience under their belts.
  1. Most Bang for your Buck
    Having a large network of the top business contacts made up of wholesaler, flooring suppliers and manufacturers such as Old Master Products and Green Glue which allows us to cut out the middleman and reduce costs for raw materials, lowering the overall cost of the project by as much as 35%. It also reduces the time it takes to deliver the materials to the project site.
  1. We offer a wide variety of flooring options
    Our inventory of available hardwoods spans over 40 different species and sub-species, each available in solid, engineered or laminate quality. These are further expanded by the multitude of stains and color choices available. We can even create a custom floor with our custom staining service, which allows clients to customize stains, colors, thickness, species, finish, and the gloss levels of their floor.
  1. Unmatched Client Service
    While certifications and licenses are good to have, knowing how to treat clients is paramount to a successful company. That’s why we keep a high standard of excellence for client service. Our A+ rating by the BBB proves that we know how to take care of our clients and their needs. We even guarantee your satisfaction 100%.
  1. We’re efficient, clean, and safe
    Though schedules and times will vary, it takes about 2-3 weeks to finish a wood floor installation, 2 weeks for a refinishing, and 3 weeks for a wood floor repair. That being said, it’s well within the average time, and we almost always finish early. We also properly handle and dispose of any chemicals we use during a project, meaning you won’t have to worry about any harmful residue or toxic fumes being left on your floor. It’s also a point of pride for us that we’ve never had a major on-site accident in the entire history of Century Floors.
  1. It doesn’t cost anything to get an estimate
    Give us a call now or send us an e-mail to get started on your new wood flooring project. Our office staff would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our services, policies or qualifications. We can also arrange a free, no-obligation in-home estimate at your convenience. This estimate also comes with a complimentary design consultation so you can have an idea of the finished project. Whether you need wood flooring installed in Los Angeles, Hardwood floors refinished in Beverly Hills, or wood floors repaired in Pasadena, call Century Custom Hardwood Floors for all of your wood flooring needs, you won’t regret it.

hardwood floor before and after gallery of projects in los angeles

Call (800) 608-6007 for a free, in-home estimate and design consultation. Or, send an e-mail to centuryfloor@gmail.com with your contact information to request a quote online.

Earthquakes VS Hardwood Floors: The Damage They Cause and Aftershocking Repairs They Require


Are earthquake fears shaking you and your wood floors up?

Living in California, especially SoCal where the San Andreas Fault runs near Los Angeles, clients and people alike have learned to live with earthquakes as the norm out here. However, for some clients who own property, the ever-looming presence of a major, damaging earthquake is a real concern. Even if your concern is mostly just about possible damage and no major catastrophes, it’s important to be informed about any possible dangers to your wood floors. In this article we’ll be exploring various problems and solutions to various situations that can come about from earthquakes. As usual, the Hardwood Heroes at Century Custom Hardwood Floors is here to guide you through all of it.

How Earthquakes can damage your wood floor

Earthquakes, by definition, are simply tremors that originate along a fault line in the earth, and cause the ground to move back and forth. The magnitude of an earthquake determines how severe and damaging it is; the MMS scale ranges from 1 to any higher number, although most don’t go above 7 or 8. Quakes in the 3 or 4 range are minor, and can even be attributed to a drunken stupor. Tremors in the 5 or 6 ranges can damage structures that aren’t built to withstand earthquakes, things like sheds and pools can be destroyed. Earthquakes in the 7 or 8 range can demolish entire blocks and cripple the infrastructure of major cities; only the strongest and well-built buildings will survive, but not unharmed. 9 or 10’s can destroy entire cities and towns. The danger zone for wood floors is a quake 4 and above. Hardwood Floors that are improperly installed can be damaged by the vibrations that happen, though the damage may be minor, like buckling in certain areas. Basically, the shifting tectonic plates will shake the floor, and an improperly installed floor will have it slabs/planks separate with all of the movement. Magnitude 6 can damage even well-installed floors with major buckling and denting. 7 and above will damage any kind of floor, and probably the property itself.

How to take precautionary measures for earthquakes

The good news is that damaging earthquakes don’t happen very often, even in California. The bad news is that there’s very little you can do to prevent damage from major ones. For starters, always have your wood floors installed or repaired by qualified professionals, professionals like Century Custom Hardwood Floors of Los Angeles. We have experience installing and repairing all kinds of solid, engineered or laminate wood flooring, as well as all kinds of damage. In addition to this, all new construction projects in California are built specifically to withstand mid-magnitude earthquakes, so try to live in newer buildings if possible.

Real-life examples and testimony
Here are a few examples that can support the claims and information we’ve provided in the previous paragraphs.

Mike from Hollywood, FL says There was a pretty significant earthquake here around 1976 or thereabouts. My hardwood floors were rippling before my eyes. Mike experienced a phenomenon known as liquefaction, which causes the ground to look as though it was a liquid with rippling waves. This only happens with upper-level earthquakes, and it can demolish your floors if it happens long enough.

Jenny from Los Angeles, CA says During the Northridge quake, thankfully we weren’t in the home at the time, but we got a look at it after. The roof had collapsed and the floor was in shambles. The 1994 Northridge earthquake in California is one of the biggest on record, and it caused millions of dollars in damage and caused several fatalities as well.

How Century Floors can help you recover after an earthquake

If you’re conscious about the dangers earthquakes can pose to your property and floors, then come on down to Century Floors. We’re a local wood flooring company based in the heart of LA that’s been serving the local community for over 25 years, and we’re still going strong. We’re experts in all kinds of wood flooring projects, from installation to refinishing to floor repair. We’ve even dealt with a few cases of earthquake damage, and in the end the floor looked like nothing happened. We’re dedicated to solving and repairing any problem you may encounter with wood flooring. We base our business on excellent client service, beautiful floors and affordable pricing. Even our flooring technicians are experts with wood flooring, each having years of wood flooring experience under their belts. In fact, we’re so dedicated to giving our clients a great experience that we guarantee their satisfaction 100%.


What makes us qualified to deal with earthquake problems?

To begin with, we have all of the pre-requisite licensing, bonding and insurance necessary to operate as a flooring contractor in California. We also have an NWFA certification for our expertise in wood flooring. Finally, we have an A+ rating by the BBB for our standard of excellence in client service. As for experience, we have worked with all kinds of clients on all kinds of projects of all sizes. From small residences to large, commercial complexes, we’ve done it all. We’ve worked with brokers, realtors, general contractors, architects, interior designers, churches, schools, and even local governments. So trust us when we say we have experience with all kinds of problems and situations.

We offer all services for wood flooring

Not only do we install earthquake-resistant wood floors, we also repair them for the eventual “big one”. We offer a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to: wood floor installation, hardwood refinishing, wood floor buffing, custom staining, and wood floor repair. Each service can help in some way with your earthquake problem, and your floor can look better for it.

Don’t wait for a magnitude you can’t handle

Contact us today and don’t hesitate, or else you might just regret it. Our office staff would be more than happy to speak with you about our services, policies and qualifications. We can also arrange an appointment for you with our estimator, free of charge or obligation, at your convenience. When you need the best in wood flooring, and you want to make sure it won’t be budged by a few tremors, then call Century Custom Hardwood Floors. We do installation in Los Angeles, hardwood refinishing in Beverly Hills, wood floor repair in Pasadena, and any service you can think of anywhere in Southern California. Call us now, you’ll be happy you did.

Call (800) 608-6007 for a free estimate, or send an e-mail with
contact info to centuryfloor@gmail.com to request an online quote.

A Timbery Tale: From Seed to Your Floor – How Trees are Harvested for Wood Flooring

Lumber farm in Moore, CA in 1911 


The process of turning a tree into the beautiful, shining hardwood floors you currently have is an interesting and involved process. Knowing this will help appreciate your floors even more. Come with Century Custom Hardwood Floors on this journey through time and space and everything in between.

First, the seed is planted in a government approved plot of land that is selected specifically for harvesting. The seed will grown into the tree of choice in anywhere from several months (bamboo) to several decades (oak). Once the tree has grown sufficiently to optimal size, it is then marked/selected for harvesting. Depending on the corporation that does this, a variety of methods can be used to cut down the tree, or determine which trees are cut. Clear-cutting will simply cut down every tree in a certain area. Selection will single out individual trees from among the entire group. Group selection takes mostly all the “undesirable” trees and harvests those, undesirable here meaning that the growth was stunted, not necessarily deformed trees.

The trees are harvested with a variety of logging tools by lumberjacks (yes, those still exist). If the trees are huge, then the lumberjacks will go “Evil Dead 2” on them and chainsaw them down. If the trees are thin and small, a special vehicle named a “buncher” is used. It basically looks like a regular yellow construction vehicle with a tree’s version of an iron maiden. Those trees have another thing comin’.  

They are then transported to the lumber mill for further processing. At the lumber mill the trees are de-barked using a giant pencil sharpener (actually just called a debarker).Afterwards one side is sawn off to make the log lie flat. They are sent through the mill on a conveyor belt that will then have the logs cut into smaller, strip-like segments.

These segments will then be inspected, either by hand of a fancy laser machine, and have all imperfection removed. Imperfections can range from discoloration to bark still left on by improper pencil-sharpening. Once all imperfections are removed and the strips meet the standards of their demise, it is then taken to a warehouse. In the warehouse the strips are a dried using one of two methods: air dry, or pre-dry.

Air dry is just like what you do with your towels, except you’re using tons of lumber. This can, and will, take several months to allow the lumber to reach an accepted moisture level. This level ranges anywhere from 3% to 8% in most cases. The other method, pre-dry, will achieve the same effect but in a drastically reduced time-frame by using a huge storage machine that will suck out all the moisture. From here the lumber is taken to a giant easy-bake oven.

The reason for putting the strips in the oven (in actuality called a kiln) is due to the fact that the lumber must be heated and essentially cooked to achieve maximum strength so the eventual hardwood floor segments are structurally stable and not cheap like your kid’s tree house. Once they’re heated, they’re allowed to cool and then sent off to the major flooring manufacturers to be further processed into fancy new hardwood floors, where they’ll be used for installation or refinishing.

Though it may seem complicated and lengthy, rest assured that all this is necessary to make your floors the best they can be. Here at Century Custom Hardwood Floors in Los Angeles, we recognize that our customers deserve the best in service and products. So whether you’re in elegant Beverly Hills for a brand-new installation, friendly Pasadena for a refinishing, or exciting Glendale for a buffing touch-up, call Century Floors for any and all of your hardwood flooring needs. We aim to please and exceed all of your expectations. You get what you pay for, so why skimp out on yourself?

Call (800) 608-6007 to schedule a free estimate, floor inspection & design consultation!

Exclusive: Interview with a Master Flooring Contractor and his Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Hardwood Floors

In general, before buying any product or service, you’ll usually ask a few questions to determine if that product or service is good for your needs. New hardwood flooring is no exception, especially since it’s the single most popular home improvement upgrade in today’s real estate market and can oftentimes cost you several thousand dollars for a custom installation or refinishing project.  With that being said, you want to get the best possible return on your wood flooring investment as possible and with over 30 years of unsurpassable experience under his belt; our company’s owner – Mehsel Azulay is the ideal person to elaborate on this very topic. Here at the respectable Century Custom Hardwood Floors of Los Angeles, we sat down with our master flooring contractor and compiled a comprehensive list of his top-8 frequently asked questions that will help you decide the type, species, color, and other factors of hardwood that are best for your home, office, gym or studio.   Ready?  Here we go!



 So, what’s the difference between solid and engineered, laminate or real?

Solid hardwood just means that the entire plank of wood is only wood and no cheaper filler material. This type is thicker and heavier usually, but it is more susceptible to shrinking and expanding. Engineered means that there is a layer of cheaper filler in the middle of the plank to reduce cost. However, this type is very moisture and heat resistant, more so than solid. Laminate floors are just fake versions of real hardwood floors, but look the part and cost a lot less to install. They are not made of wood but are otherwise used in the same way.

 Which species or types of wood flooring are best for me?

Any specie of hardwood floor is good for you. It all depends on preferences. Oak, maple, cherry, walnut, chestnut, ash, mahogany, bamboo, hickory, pecan and birch are just a few of the many possible species of wood you can have as flooring. Though some floors are recommended more for certain floor scenarios, all hardwood floors can be installed anywhere, with no restrictions. For example, some floors are stronger and more suited to high-traffic areas than others, while some are better for low-traffic areas or places like bathrooms and kitchens with higher moisture content. Outside of this, there are no limits.



 What is a finish and why do I need one?

A finish is the last application of a certain stain or polyurethane on your floor that is has a glossy shine or matte look. So yes, you do need one, even if just to seal and protect your hardwood floor from accidental spills or pesky pets with un-manicured nails. You can either buy the wood flooring unfinished or pre-finished, limiting your options for customization but typically a better option if you’re in a time-crunch or you can have the maestros here at Century Floors apply an on-site custom finish that you chose. These finishes can come in various colors and tones, and they can also be made shiny (high-gloss), somewhat shiny (semi-gloss), or opaque (matte). Your custom stain can be made to look any way you want it to or match your home’s existing wood floors, cabinetry or furniture.

 Are hardwood floors cheaper or more expensive than carpet or tile?

They’re definitely more expensive but with good reason. Hardwood floors last a lot longer than carpet or tile, sometimes outlasting the property owner’s lifespan and more importantly increase the ROI of your home, office or business. Basically, they’re a way better investment than other floor types. Yes, the initial investment can be a bit hefty, but it’s completely worth it. Hardwood floors can last several decades, and even more with proper care and refinishing. Some floors have been in use for over a hundred years and still look great.  Not to mention that they’re a ‘healthier’ alternative to the microscopic germs and bacteria living in your plush carpeting.  Hardwood floors are not only hypoallergenic but are way easier to maintain clean as well as the most recommended flooring option by physicians for those suffering from respiratory problems. To top it off, did you know that the impact from a fall on hardwood floors is less traumatizing to the human body than falling on an actual carpet?  Don’t take it from us, ask the ‘doc next time you happen to be at an appointment.



 How long does the hardwood floor installation or restoration process take?

Honestly, not long at all. For most clients, hardwood floor installation can take anywhere from a week to two weeks at the most, depending on the scope of the project and the material used (some wood flooring requires time to acclimate to the location’s weather environment), as well as optional services such as additional coatings of sealant, soundproofing and custom staining. Here at LA’s Century Custom Hardwood Floors we adhere strictly to all of the guidelines administered by the state of California and the National Wood Flooring Association – not just for us, but also to protect you from any possible harm.

 How do I maintain my new wood floors so that they don’t fade or lose their luster?

Firstly, your floors will gradually but surely change in color over time. How much they change will probably depend on you. Proper maintenance & care with approved cleaning materials will keep your floors in perfect condition as will precautionary steps like putting in rugs in high-traffic areas and clipping your pets’ nails. Some floors change color more quickly than others, so be sure to ask which ones do so what other options are available to delay the inevitable process.


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⑦ Great but It’s all kind of expensive; can’t I just do it myself?

Sure, if you know all the guidelines for proper & legal installation, have your industrial-grade sander, belter, stripper, and buffer. Also, don’t forget to check your moisture content and the acceptable level for your region. Make sure you also know how to and how much stain and polyurethane to apply, and when. Not so easy, is it? All this and more is what the Hardwood Heroes at Century Floors manage for you when you choose us to install, restore or refinish your hardwood floor.  People don’t often realize how quick costs can begin to escalate when attempting to do an installation or refinishing project themselves, that’s to say if all goes well and doesn’t require an expert to fix!

⑧ So then, you’re the best choice for hardwood flooring services in Los Angeles, right?

Yes, yes we are… but you may be asking why? The teams of technicians, builders, contractors and project managers here at Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc. have over 30 years of accumulated experience in installing and refinishing, repairing and restoring exclusively hardwood floors. Not only are we experienced, we also have all the legal approval to do this type of work. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured; we also have an A+ rating from the BBB with several outstanding reviews on Yelp!, Google+ and Angieslist to name a few, so you know we value our customers’ time.  We have an endless amount of testimonials hand-written by very satisfied clientele and a list of projects that we recently completed, available for your viewing pleasure. Give us a call at (800) 608-6007 today and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly customer service representatives or office administrators.  Our on-site estimates and design consultations cost you nothing and are performed around your schedule.

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