Fresno, CA Homeowner Discovers Zany Life-Size Monopoly Board Game Painted on Hardwood Floors Beneath Carpeting

Last year, while renovating his Fresno, C.A. home; Nyeland Newel was astonished to find a painted life-size Monopoly Board Game on the hardwood floor beneath the carpet which he had been sleeping on top of for nearly 4 years.

The customized or more risqué version of the game board on Newel’s wood flooring replaces the traditional ‘Community Chest’ square with a silhouette of a curvaceous female which adds to the speculation that the version of Monopoly played there wasn’t necessarily ‘above-board’.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Newel wasn’t too fond of it and sadly made him paint over the majority of it but, since they were his ‘favorite squares’ – the girl’s silhouette and wedding-ring were the only pieces spared. Though the news of this has reached far and wide, and has been known for some time, the mystery and wonder of the Monopoly Floor still lives on. There are other floors similar to this one, where homeowners have painted on board games or other logos and insignias for the sheer effect of being awesome like that of video game designer Richard Garriott who built his hilltop estate to fit his real-life gamer fantasies. Sometimes people paint giant versions of popular games, or just have one huge Batman logo in the middle of the room. Whatever the reason for painting the floor, whatever the décor, wood floors look amazing in any room with any design scheme.

These floors are adapted to last decades, and they can last for a hundred years if maintained properly. That’s why that life-size Monopoly Floor lasted so long: because it was a well-maintained wood floor. Of course, if you want a wood floor that’s made to last and will look great with a custom design, call Century Custom Hardwood Floors. We’ve done projects for clients who want quality flooring with a fun twist on the normal floor installation. We can stain the floor to your desired color and even paint on the desired logo of your choice, Batman or otherwise.

Why settle for a boring, uninspired floor when you have the power of imagination at your fingertips, and can have it painted on your floor as an everlasting reminder of your fantastic magnificence? Contact Century Custom Hardwood Floors for all of your wood flooring needs, from a basic wood floor installation to refinishing a worn-out floor and making it look like the Batcave. Call us at (818)764-0300 for a free in-home estimate, or send an e-mail with contact information to so we can get the ball rolling on that awesome new floor of yours!  You won’t regret it….


Fun Fact: In case you’re wondering if this is the world’s largest Monopoly board, it’s not. The honor was awarded to Q.Media Events at the 2011 Doha Trade Fair in Doha, Qatar. The board they created, was an exact replica of the British version of Monopoly and measured 48.4 ft by 48.4 ft. Read more about the World’s Largest Monopoly Board